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Among the wildflowers ultimate meadow shoot

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Among the wildflowers. The ultimate meadow shoot experience.

My meadow shoots have been going for quite a few years now and they are permanent fixture in my shooting calendar, I can’t resist shooting among the wildflowers and if I say so myself they are the ultimate summer shoot experience and the results are always stunning. As you can see for yourself. 

The wildflowers encapsulate my signature style of colour, creativity and connection. 

I always shoot in the late afternoon or evening as the setting sun with the flowers creates the most divine shots and super flattering light. 

Shooting among the wild flowers at the beautiful family run Writtle Sunflowers farm in Radley Green, Chelmsford, means the children can run freely, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the stresses of the day can melt away. The only way I could improve them is by bringing some chilled Rose and having an ice cream truck on stand by, Anyway I’ll work on that plan for next year. 

As you can see the posing and styling on these shoots is always beautifully relaxed. I bring my own props, I advise on the best wardrobe choices and then we cross our fingers for a sunny sunset and glorious weather. This is the only part of the puzzle I can’t guarantee so I build in plan b’s as with all my shoots that are weather dependant. 

Wardrobe hints and tips

I always advise keeping outfits simple, comfy and floaty. Pastels, denim and crisp whites always look fab and fresh. We want to keep you cool. And I love it when you are all barefoot, socks aren’t a good look I’m afraid so come prepared. Oh and beware of the bugs! 

What if my children don’t behave?

One of the questions I often hear is “what if my children don’t behave, listen or sit still?” but, please try not to worry. The reason you are hiring me is so I can take care of all of that for you. I have plenty of tricks up my sleeves to keep your children engaged and interested. Plus, if you children are wild and free and prefer to roam than sit, then this is the most perfect location for them. We don’t want them to be anything else other than themselves after all. Your children aren’t robots so they can’t be expected to behave like them. I want them to be children, they are perfect just as they are so let me capture that for you. In years to come we want them to look back at the images we created together and see themselves reflected truthfully. That can only happen if they recognise themselves for who they really are. 

What if I don’t like how I look?

And lastly, if it’s your own image you are worried about looking at, then I have hints, tips and tricks for you too. I hear you and I get it. We are such inner critics aren’t we? I understand it’s hard looking at yourself in photos. I don’t find it easy, but it’s something I have to do as part of my job. 

I will help you I promise, and you don’t need to worry about looking at me, knowing what to do, or how to act. I will direct you through the whole process. That’s why my TV background as a director and producer is so intrinsic to my style. I know how to get the best from people in a short space of time. Just think it would be such shame to be missing from your family story because you were worried about how you look. You will never be quite as young as you are today and your children just want to see you. They love you and will never judge you as harshly as you judge yourself. The time is now. 

So many of the women I work with feel the same about themselves, it comes up time and again. But once we have done their photoshoot they are so pleased they felt the fear and did it anyway. I promise more than 70% of the women I’ve photographed were terrified about confronting their own image in the pics…but just look at the results! Would you know which ones were worried? Nope, exactly, that’s because you are hiring me. Toot toot – did you hear me tooting my own horn there. But, in all honesty it’s my job to give you the best version of yourself. Otherwise you may as well just take a selfie stick into the meadow. 

But it all starts with a little trust. So to start building that trust just look at the images below and imagine how it would feel if it was you…captured in the sunny wild flower meadows with your beautiful family. It would feel pretty magical right? Yep, now let’s make that happen for you. 

Send me a comment in the box below, so you can be added to my booking list and as soon as the flowers let us know when they will be ready I will get your date booked in. They are normally at the end of July. 

I can’t wait to hear from you, 

Love Kika x



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