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Personalised Animoto Slideshows

I adore these beautiful and unique slide shows, and that’s why I love offering them in my collections. They really are the perfect way to bring a gallery of your strongest images to life, giving you a dynamic visual video story with a soundtrack. After 20 years in television as a TV Producer, I know exactly how to produce your truly personal video slide show. I will use all your shoots most interesting shots and I hope you even shed a little tear when watching, a happy tear of course. Plus, once purchased you can enjoy the freedom of sharing your personal Animoto slide show with your family, friends, facebook groups or event guests.

Once saved it really is the perfect momento to treasure for years to come. And if your children are like mine, they will want to watch them again and again, so I make sure they are absolutely perfect.

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Not sure how it all works?

Visit the your shoot page and read about some of the things that happen ahead of your shoot and on the day.


My pricing is simple. Firstly, choose the session fee then the collection to suit you.

Read more about what exactly is included in my collections on the pricing page.


My pricing is simple, there are no hidden extras, or upsells.  What you see is what you get.

Read more about what exactly is included in my packages on the pricing page.

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