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Audley End House and Gardens photoshoot {Chelmsford Photographer}

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When it comes to photographing your family, I’ll be 100% committed, 100% invested, and 100% involved in delivering your whole photographic package and experience from the moment we first connect. However, my own family photographs have suffered now I’m so concerned with capturing yours. (Slap on the wrists)  I don’t mean to make you feel guilty, of course it’s my absolute pleasure. And to be honest your children aren’t annoying like mine! Sorry cherubs. 

But, my own babies were the very reason I became a photographer. I wanted to document every tiny detail on them so I wouldn’t forget a thing. All too easy with mama sieve head. And because of the rate they grow this is a full time job in itself. So basically I realised a while ago I need to up my game to keep up with my own small humans. In a nano second they have moved on from Bing to constant Lego construction and you then realise you haven’t heard “Let it go” swimming around in your head for weeks, should you rejoice or sob! And then suddenly they get offered a school place and the panic really sets in. They will be smelly and spotty and leaving on a gap year before I know it, argh grab the camera and photograph them right this minute, quickly, it’s their job to grow and by golly they take it very seriously, unlike most things you want to grown. The ultra short hair cut you had that refuses to move on reminding you of the 12 year old you once were…anyway you get the idea. With sproglets you really do not have time to waste. So why oh why had I not managed to create a photo book until now. 

@kirstenallenfab photographed by Chelmsford photographer Kika Mitchell Photography at CEWE photoworld event

Then like a guardian angel, CEWE Photoworld got in touch and asked me to work with them. Phew, the guilt was already starting to fade and I realised the stars had aligned, this was the perfect job for me. I could get some serious parental gold stars, erase the goblin guilt and create some memories in book form that the kids would love. Let’s face it, all children love looking at themselves almost as much as the Kardashians! 

Keri-Anne Gingerlillytea and daughter in flowers in greenhouse by Kika Mitchell photography Chelmsford

I hadn’t realised how easy and quick it could be to put my treasured family photographs into beautiful photo books. They lay flat, look super funky, super expensive and because of the Matte photographic paper option not even grubby little fingers can threaten to destroy their beauty. It can also become quite addictive. They make great presents for grown ups and little people and are the perfect way to celebrate a big milestone like starting school. But they really are so easy to make so I’ve promised every year I will make one for their birthdays. So when they do disappear on that dreaded gap year, I can sit and sob over their photo books and the bonus will be my salty tears won’t ruin the pages. 

Nor_folk Fiona Burrage photographed by Chelmsford photographer Kika Mitchell Photography

The event that I photographed for CEWE was at Audley House and gardens. A stunning location I hadn’t yet discovered despite living down the road, so I have another thing to thank CEWE for. They invited a host of cool and beautiful Instagram mamas and bloggers. It was so lovely to meet some of the women I follow in little squares in the actual flesh. To name but a few the mega cool Fiona Burrage from Nor_folk, my lovely friend mrsemilynorris and her gaggle of gorgeous boys, and The marvellous Mother Hub Natasha and Juliet. And my new friends  mother_ of_five_boys, joplaistowe , thismamalife , kirstenallenfab and the creative genius and inspiration gingerlilytea. All of these hard working ladies have varied (from fashion, lifestyle, blogging and networking and beyond) and brilliant social media accounts you should follow. If the world of mothering sometimes feels like a lonely place it really doesn’t need to be. 

CEWE treated the children to a tour, games, an entertainer and the grown ups enjoyed the surroundings with a few glasses of Pimms. They really had thought of everything. Happy parents, equals happy children.

Explore with CEWE event photography by Kika Mitchell Chelmsford Photographer

Check out CEWE’s amazing selection of frames, prints, photo books and much more. Their software is really easy to use and if this time poor, technically challenged mother and photographer can use it, trust me you’ll find it a breeze. Your family’s precious memories deserve to be printed and enjoyed, so go on, give it a go. You will be so glad you did.

Click here to check out what they offer: CEWEPhotoworld  

Audley End house and gardens #EnglishHeritage by Chelmsford photographer Kika Mitchell Photography
Gingerlillytea Keri-Anne in greenhouse with daughter photographed by Chelmsford photographer Kika Mitchell photographer
Vloggers Mrsemilynorris and thismamalife by Kika Mitchell Photographer Chelmsford Photographer at Audley End CEWE event
mother_of_five_boys men folk photographed by Chelmsford photographer Kika Mitchell Photography
Pimms at Audley End CEWE photoworld event by Kika Mitchell Chelmsford photographer
Croquet on the lawn at Audley End CEWE photoworld event by Kika Mitchell Photography Chelmsford photographer
Emily Norris husband and boys at CEWE event Audley End by Kika mitchell Chelmsford Photographer
Gingerlillytea sisters at Audley End House and gardens for CEWE photoworld event by Chelmsford Photographer Kika Mitchell Photographer
CEWE photoworld products by Kika Mitchell photography Chelmsford photographer
Blogger and influencer Gingerlillytea photographed at Audley End by Kika Mitchell Photography Chelmsford photographer
Chelmsford Photographer Kika Mitchell Photography and her CEWE photobook

I hope you enjoy a few of the pics that I took that beautiful sunny day. And if you haven’t visited Audley End yet, make sure you do, it’s one of English Heritage’s finest. Click here for more details.


Right must go I’ve a photo book to create, I’m already excited as I know it’s going to look great. 

Until next time x

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  1. Claire Williamson

    Wow gorgeous photos Kika, love these! Looks like you had an amazing day xx


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