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I’m so proud to present my last family and newborn shoot of 2017. This is baby Arthur’s loving family Lucy, Glen, brother Albert and sister Poppy and Adeline, captured by me Kika Mitchell Chelmsford photographer. I hope you enjoy some of the precious photographs from the gallery “Introducing Arthur”.

“We didn’t realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun”  AA Milne

This shoot for my dear friends Lucy and Glen was brilliant. We combined a lifestyle family shoot with a newborn shoot, which was great value for the family. I’ve photographed all of his siblings, and a Baptism so this really was an honour for me to add this to my list for them.

These 2 amazing and brave parents have given life to 4 wonderful children in 5 years, and look how well they look on it. Their house is so full of fun, energy, love and noise. And I really think this gallery captures all that those things, and the very essence of their large loving family.

Baby Arthur really did hit the jackpot with this bunch, he will be so well looked after. And he was in such a rush to meet his big brother and sisters he arrived 4 weeks early. He’s perfect in every way and the most perfect gift for this Christmas.

You will never know how much joy your own family photographs will bring you until you find yourself looking at them everyday.
Predictably you will wonder how your babies grew so quick, how young you looked and generally how wonderful your family is. But they will also help you on bad days to be a better version of yourself or to see how you have changed from the day they were taken.
I treasure my family photographs and my house is absolutely covered with them. But not all of them are taken by me of course. Most are by our dear family photographer Scott Collier. It’s so important for me to get myself in the frame and he is the perfect man for the job. His photos of my family over the past 5 years are beyond value, they represent everything we are.
I gaze at them and always remind myself how lucky I am. They remind me to be grateful, to be loving and to be true to myself and my beautiful family. They conjure up smells, feelings, seasons, tantrums, turmoil but most importantly love.

Lucy has a wall of fame, and luckily for me lots of my images feature on this wall. It’s on the stairs so all the children get used to seeing their family photographs every single day, several times a day.

Therefore each day they are constantly reminded of their good times as a family and where they belong. How precious and reassuring must that be for them.

People always tell me they must book a shoot, they’ve been meaning to for years but put it off. However, they find it reassuring that they have hundreds of photos on their phone. At this point I have to remind them that you can’t put a USB on your wall in a frame.


We need prints to preserve our memories, fact!

A happy client recently made this comment about my work:
“We adore our photos and I look at them everyday, Especially the harder days because they remind how brief this time is and how many wonderful moments we have together each day.”
I love the fact that my images help Martine through tough days, that surprising comment means the absolute world to me.
Would you love natural, creative and fun photographs of your family? Well what are you waiting for? Make 2018 the year you capture you family memories to treasure forever.
I’d also like to thank everyone for a super duper 2017, it’s been such a year of growth for me and my family and I so very grateful to everyone for their support!
Big love and happy Christmas you lovely people x

One last thing, why not take a look at this little Animoto I created for Lucy and Glen as part of their photography collection. Hit the play arrow icon, now grab a tissue, you’ll blub, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Bye see you on the other side x

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