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This journey called motherhood is a tricky old business. It’s amazing, hard, exhausting, heart wrenching, heart breaking, heart bursting, head exploding, and did I mention it’s quite hard at times, oh I did!  A marathon not a sprint blah blah, you know the powerful Pinterest cliched proverbs. The days can be long, yet the years are short. But the end goal of bedtime brings renewed strength, vigour and vino!

So, if on this journey, you are lucky enough to find yourself a soulmate or 2, those true mummy friends who’ve supported you through the breast pads and beyond. Even into the your next pregnancy, then you are lucky indeed! You know the friends who never judged you, even when you weaned baby number 2 on Pom Bears, there was a poo explosion on their brand new sofa (your child’s poo not yours, although…), or your toddler bit their newborn (true story!)! If you’ve bagged yourself one of these, then you’ve truly hit the jackpot! Congrats on finding your girl gang!

When I happened across the awesome Essex Mama on Instagram, she came with a strong reference of endorsement from other brands I already loved. Obviously once I’d done the obligatory Insta feed stalking (come on we all do it?! ) I totally loved what this clever crafty mama’s brand was about. Fast forward a few months and our creative collaboration was born. I’m so proud to have been able to bring her vision of her brand to life. As a photographer doing this for a client is like finding the gold at the end of the rainbow… Actually it’s better than that! You’ve helped someone realise their dreams, in turn fulfilling more of your own.

The obvious choice of location for this cool mama’s new collection was the quintessential Essex seaside town of Southend. It ticked our shared vision of gritty, candy floss cool and has turned out better than we could have ever imagined.

I adore photographing families and children, but this fashion project with an edge was so much fun. And I think it shows in the results. I love so many of the shots we captured on that sunny October day in Southend, so it was hard to narrow it down to just a few for this blog, so I’m afraid I haven’t, there’s a great gaggle of girl gang snaps!

On the day we were joined by gorge baby models & marvellous mamas. Rachel and Bella, Jo and Sam and Laura & Alba. The 3 babies were so well behaved they made my job easy peasy and the mamas were beautiful inside and out. The proof is in the pudding in my pics. Huge thanks to Rossi’s Ice Cream Parlour too. What a location, what an ice cream! A moment on the lips – whatever, it was worth it!

Rachel created her dream company Bree & Bella after she was unable to find monochrome clothing for her little one Arabella. From here she’s put together a wonderful website full to the brim of wonderful childrenswear, accessories and gifts. Please check out her goodies at bree&bella.co.uk or on Instagram.

In the same way Laura founded The Modern Nursery when she was unable to style beautiful little Alba’s nursery in the way she wanted. Her vision has now come to life with her own beautiful website selling carefully curated brands perfect for your precious little one’s dream nursery. Check out the loveliness here by clicking here themodernnursery.com or find her on Instagram.

Slogan tees and clothing represent significant times in our lives, and are symbolic in their positive reenforcement of our values and feelings. This is the beauty and force behind Essex Mama’s new collection. Plus, the personalised pieces are great and perfect for gifts.
There are so many items in this collection you will love for yourself and your little ones, you will be spoilt for choice.
As a wise Essex mama once said, ‘When you find your girl gang love them hard’.

This blog post is dedicated to my gorgeous friend Lucy Heighton, she’s kept me sane through the heady hormanal mix of newborns, toddlers and beyond, with love, laughs, a good dollop of straight talking and gobbiness.

My oldest girl gang are Natalie, Faye and Sammy. We faced middle school together, the challenges of Rosebery, the Ace disco, the 5th years, first loves, first slow dances, first babies, all the firsts actually. I hope even when we are all old biddies we are facing milestones together. First blue rinses, first false teeth, first face lifts and grandchildren…gulp!

My ‘Lessar Avenue’ girl gang, Siz and Sar. 2 ladies, same name, both amazing, crazy, wise and wonderful. You made my 20’s what they were, which in turn made me stronger. The rain made me celebrate the sunshine, and grew me into the woman I am today. There in our flat with you both I finally learnt to love myself and allow myself to be loved.

My Bristol babes, Sal and Aj. We’ve faced the boys, the rat race, the all day drinking benders and the all weekend hangovers. You might be miles away but I’ll always flash my boobs in honour of the good old days!

And my newest, the no nonsense Jane and Sara. The boys might be hooligans but we stay sane through humour, slimming world, soft play, gravel on the grass, and a love of wine!

And finally here’s to my new friend Essex Mama, aka lovely Liz. Your awesomeness knows no bounds, shine and be brilliant lady! Exciting times ahead x

Finally here’s the link to Essex Mama’s new website. The designs are so wearable, so super soft and you’ll feel the girl power instantly.


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