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Fab photos you’ll be glad you took

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5 fab photo ideas you’ll be glad you took in years to come.

My daughter has just turned 8 so the inevitable brutal nostalgia has been in full swing.
You know the teary vibe “this time 8 years ago I didn’t even know who you were and now look at you with your size 4 feet!”.
I find myself staring at her in absolute wonder and bewilderment.
Anyway it made me realise there are some really important milestone pics I’m really glad I took. So I thought I’d share them here for you.
You can nail some of them this weekend or over the summer. They can be taken on a camera or phone, And in years to come I promise you will be really glad you did.

1. Favourite cuddly toy in their ave snuggle spot on sofa or bed.

2. Losing a tooth, document those gappy smiles or letters for the tooth fairy.

3. New shoes, favourite items of clothing or footwear. Those little red wellies, spotty socks or Paw Patrol pants that will one day make you swoon with nostalgia.

4 Moments of play must be photographed. Whether it’s Lego, dens, dolls or craft. Soon their interests will move on and video games really aren’t as much fun to photograph!

My son took his plastic lawnmower to Morrison’s once so I decided to photograph it and we still laugh about him mowing the aisles now! 

5. Baby bedrooms, cots and transitioning to big beds is a massive milestone that needs to be captured.

Extra fun photo ideas: 
The first day as nursery, school, new term or big school are pics not to be missed obviously but also what about these other ideas:

Beavers, Brownies or Cubs. There first session with their new uniform (before the badges appear) is a big moment, not quite a first day of school but another milestone.

Bathtime, soon they will only shower and privacy will be the only thing that matters, capture their innocence NOW!

 That first sleepover, residential trip or night away is a big deal! Take pics of them packing their bags as their chests swell with pride and independence.

Making and doing. Do you love to bake, is pizza your passion, or do you let your little ones chop and peel. Photograph those little fingers now when they are still chubby and clumsy.

FREEBIE: DIY Your photo wall like a pro. 
Also to help you make the most of your gorgeous photos I’ve created a helpful PDF guide to help you DIY your own photo wall. 

For a more in depth look at creating a photo wall and more top tips for printing your pics check out the blogs links below too.

Love Kika x


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Want to DIY your photo wall like a pro?

Download this free PDF

Enjoy creating your photo wall, love Kika x