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Family Bluebell photoshoot in Chelmsford Essex

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Your favourite people in your happy place, makes for the most perfect family photographs. 

Joanna, Steve and Isobel love walking, picnic’ing, and even fairy hunting in their very own woodland paradise so it seemed like the natural choice for their family photoshoot in Chelmsford. It’s your family shoot so it has to work for you, and reflect your family. 

Plus, the added bonus is how relaxed you will all be in your happy place. Happy place, happy people, happy photographer. 

girl running on photoshoot with Chelmsford family photographer Kika Mitchell
black and white family photography by Chelmsford photographer Kika Mitchell Photography

Joanna felt very strongly about the fact that she wanted to feature heavily with her daughter in the photographs. This is something I also feel very strongly about and I have often written blogs about it in the past. We mamas are often so busy bum wiping, pack lunch making, tantrum taming that we rarely feature in the any actual photographs taken. Sometimes it’s our own fault too, we put it down to bad hair days, baby weight or other harsh self judgements. But ultimately, we all want to feature in photographs but we want to like what we see.

We want to see a version of ourselves that makes us proud and happy, rather than a woman who’s so exhausted we don’t even recognise her. I will offer you this version of yourselves. I know how you feel, I feel that way too. And no I won’t photoshop you, (even if you ask and plead!) because you don’t need it. What I will do is talk you through my photography process, so you feel relaxed and in control. (This alone will make you look a stone lighter and 10 years younger – alright make that 5 years younger – not even Estee Lauder and her band of merry men can undo 3 years of sleep deprivation! Soz!)  Then we find a happy place, plonk in those people you cherish and voila shiny happy people in natural and wonderful photographs. It really is that easy. Trust me. 

laughing family in outdoor shoot Chelmsford with Kika Mitchell photography
bluebell children's portraits by Kika Mitchell photography Chelmsford photographer

Just look at the pure joy and love on these lovely faces. On the shoot day the light was perfect and the location was varied with bluebells, woodland trails and lots of opportunities to spot the dancing fairies. I found these photographs and the accompanying Animoto film (a beautiful slide show I make especially for you, cut to relevant commercial music) so powerful I cried when I saw it. See what you think too. 

Luckily, Joanna also cried happy tears. She felt “more than just a photo, you captured “us” and they are perfect.”. I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I loved creating them.

Bluebell family portrait by Chelmsford photographer Kika Mitchell photography

So if you are thinking about booking a photoshoot with me, let’s get you in the frame with your children. They deserve to see you in photographs with them. You were there, you are present, so let’s prove it.  

child dancing on outdoor family photoshoot by Kika Mitchell Photographer Chelmsford photographer
bluebells in the Danbury woods by Kika Mitchell Photography Chelmsford family photographer

We obviously took lots of care whilst shooting around the bluebells. These precious and fragile blooms are protected in our woodland so any movement around them has to be on the paths to not damage them. To find out more about your local bluebell locations check out these links…

Woodlands Trust Bluebell Watch 

Picturesque places to see Bluebells


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