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Head shots by Chelmsford photographer Kika Mitchell Photography

Business photography, Head shots

Do you keep promising yourself new headshots for your business? Whether it’s a new profile picture for professional purposes, website images, flat lays or blogging content. Well, look no further, Chelmsford photographer, Kika Mitchell Photography, could be about to make your business dreams come true! A little like Wonder Woman but without the lycra and leotard you will be relieved to hear!

In this modern cyber culture it’s crucial to convey the right brand message for your business. We connect and keep in touch with our clients and followers through powerful tools like social media. So our profile pics must create the right version of ourselves, and what we want to that to portray. Whether it’s your LinkedIn profile pic, Instagram logo or Facebook banner image, these all have to be consistent, professional and on brand. That’s where I come in. With over 20 years experience working in Commercial television, you are in very safe hands. Without boring you to tears with my CV blurb, I know how to represent you, your brand, your premises and your USP, (which is often you), in the best way possible. We’ll have fun, you’ll love your new business head shots and you will want to share them everywhere. Boom, job done. It really is that easy. So don’t put it off any longer. That profile pic from 2009 really has had it’s day, and that terrible haircut could be doing your business more harm than good, sorry not sorry!

This brings me onto Soo Turner, the reason for this blog, not the hair cut bit, Soo actually has a very cool hairdo indeed as you can see in her stunning pics. Soo owns 2 beautiful art galleries, one in Chelmsford and one in Shenfield. And they even have a virtual presence in Durban, South Africa, how totally cyber and modern is that! Not only do these they specialise in consultancy and picture framing they also put on great exhibitions. Make sure you check them out. Click here for their website.

Soo had been meaning to have headshots done for ages, but a “Leading Ladies” article in Essex Life about inspiring women in business was the push she needed. I’m so glad she asked me to photograph her. I’m sure Soo won’t mind me saying that she was quite nervous and at first she wasn’t at ease in the front of the camera. But she put her trust in me and it paid off. In the end I think she even forgot I was there.

In her new business headshots Soo looks relaxed, friendly, approachable and professional. Which is totally her. She is her brand, her name is even above the shop so everything about her business image needs to be truthful and authentic. If I do say so myself they are spot on.

Make sure you check out the article in Essex Life Magazine too. I’m off to enjoy the spring sunshine.

Love Kika x

Chelmsford photographer for business head shots Turner Barnes Gallery
Turner Barnes gallery Shenfield, Soo Turner owner shot by Chelmsford Photographer Kika Mitchell Photography
Tuner Barnes Gallery Shenfield Business photographed by Chelmsford photographer Kika Mitchell
Headshots and business photography by Kika Mitchell Chelmsford Photographer
Art gallery and framing Shenfield by Chelmsford Photographer Kika Mitchell Photography
Soo Turner Shenfield business owner, headshots by Chelmsford photographer Kika Mitchell
Art Shenfield Gallery Kika Mitchell Business photography Chelmsford photographer


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