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Helpful Tips To Create A Stunning Photo Wall

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What is a photo wall you might ask, well the clue is in the title but it doesn’t have to be a big project. It could comprise of one statement photograph, or a little collection of themed images.

Hopefully this useful blog will give you some practical ideas for your own home that will allow your most treasured photos bring you joy every time you look at them.

Creating your own photo wall is one of the most gratifying tasks ever. I know you are thinking ‘whaaat!’ I don’t have time to print let alone create a wall’ but trust me! And I don’t say this as a photographer I say it as a mother.
We should surround ourselves and our children with images that remind us of the good times, Fact!
Plus, as mums WE SHOULD BE IN THE PHOTOS. I’ve said this before but I’ll keep on saying it…We wipe the bums, make the pack lunches and stress about vegetables. So we should be in the pics to prove we were there too. No matter how tired, fat or unconfident we feel. One day photographs will be all our children have left, I’m sorry it’s a harsh fact but it’s true! (Right I’ll stop shouting now and using exclamation marks!)
When I walk passed my photo walls they remind me of how times have changed, my babies have grown and how I’ve evolved. They create deep and poignant emotions that are never the same. So for me they create a new experience each time I look at them.
If I’m cross with my small humans they can soften me and if I’m feeling sensitive they heighten those emotions. In other words photo walls are wonderful and you will never regret taking the time to print, frame and arrange.
For my children they also play a hugely  important role. It builds their memory bank. Photographs remind them of moments even if they can’t remember the actual event. Photos remind them of where they come from, where they belong and of their vital part in their loving family. Every time my children walk down the hallway they can look up and be reassured how very loved and precious they are.
They also become a conversation piece, I love explaining where we were, what was going on and my little girl is obsessed with pics where she was in my tummy. Again it helps her process time and how important she has always been to us.

Hints and Tips to create a stunning photo wall in your home:

– Print monthly photographs from phone or camera monthly. Whilst it’s fresh in your mind print or file it.
To help with this:
*Create a print folder on your phone or computer labelled with each month.
*Add favourite images as often as possible. So even if you only get around to printing once a year, everything is in one place!
This will take a lot of the (banging your head against a brick wall) pain away.
-Colour or Black & White?
Decide if you are going for a colour or black and white photo arrangement.
– Are you images a collection of randoms or all from one event.
For example: your latest family shoot or a Baptism, or holiday images.
Creating a theme for images can create great consistency.
– Buy your frames first!
There is nothing more frustrating than having all your prints ready to go only to find you can’t find a frame to suit your decor or colour scheme. Or you might discover you then can’t find the right size or configuration, and then rather than re-print you’ll give up and swear to never embark on another frikkin wall project again! You might even have a large drink… any excuse! But trust me your time and sanity are too precious, plan ahead!
– Once you have you frame arrangement in mind, mount the empty frames on the wall.
Then blue tack to pics on the glass. This way you will see what looks best where, and what can be changed. Without taking the frame on and off the wall and having to clean the glass each time you arrange. Anything that saves time is a winner in my book!
– Lastly, now you have created your photo wall, you can update it and change it as you desire.

You might become bored with certain pics or have more to add after a recent family photoshoot. All you have to do is decide which pics to replace, reprint in that frame size and voila! Easy peasy!!!

As mentioned earlier this link to an previous blog all about printing your family photos has more tips about how and why we should print actual physical prints, because let’s face it you can’t hand a USB stick down to your grandchildren. Link to photo printing blog.
I’d love to hear your comments or better still show me pics of your photo walls.
Thanks for reading, love Kika x


  1. Katie

    Love the idea of a seperate album in my phone for monthly print offs!!! Thank you. X

    • Kika

      Really glad you found it useful Katie and thank you so much for taking the time to comment on here, it means a lot to me x

  2. Louisa Williams

    Fantastic info Kika. You’ve inspired me to update my photo wall. Thank you.

    • Kika

      Brilliant so glad you found some useful tips Louisa, thanks for taking time to read and comment x

  3. Nina Mace Photography

    These look brilliant Kika and the images look amazing up on the wall – I am just about to send some off for print too!

    • Kika

      Thanks Nina, we have to practise what we preach afterall. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment x

  4. FBIPP photographer

    Thanks for sharing great tips. Awesome photography and wall’s decoration.

    • Kika

      You are very welcome Marco, I’m glad you found it useful. Thanks kika


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