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Newborn and family photography Epping Essex {Introducing Jack Louis}

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I photographed Alex and Paul’s newborn son Harry when he was only 3 weeks old.  He was, and still is a gorgeous baby. You see for me, and obviously Paul and Alex, the natural chaos of small age gaps are the way forward. There are so many advantages that the scaremongers fail to realise. The main one being your big baby soon forgets there was ever life before the little one arrived and they will be thick as thieve before you know it. Plotting a mutiny to unravel your Pinterest parenting goals, best of buddies and making amazing memories together. I wish I’d have had a brother or sister to face the big wide world with.

Anyway back to Harry’s newborn smooth peachy skin, tiny fingers and toes and he was making those squeaky noises only newborns make, a bit like a creaky boiler…obvs I left with my ovaries thumping! Note to self – must not get broody on newborn photoshoots!  Easier said than done. 

Next, Alex asked me to photograph Harry’s first birthday. I love kids birthday parties, sugar induced party highs and fancy dress is brilliant fun especially when the sugar (and e-number related come down) isn’t being consumed by my own darling small humans. Anyway, by now I’m feeling totally honoured to be asked back. For a photographer this is the ultimate client feedback. You see us creatives are often a quirky bunch. A bit like a risk averse 2 year old in a swimming pool, sometimes all we need is a reassuring cuddle and a nose wipe. We can doubt ourselves, be prone to over analysis of our work, and are often our own worst critics.

I feel genuinely privileged and thrilled to bits when clients like my photographs, my style and my vision enough to book me again. So when Alex and Paul booked me again for their second newborn photo shoot, I thought all my birthdays and child free shopping trips had come at once. Whoop, whoop!

Just like his big brother (who still ickle at 14 months) Jack Louis is a handsome little chap. Smooth skin, tiny toes and just look at how proud his mummy and daddy are too. To be honest I’m not surprised, these 2 make seriously cute babies.  I hope you enjoy the photographs we captured that frosty February morning on Jack’s first newborn photoshoot. 


I’m so proud of this photo gallery, and what it means to Alex and Paul and in time to their beautiful boys.  It’s a wonderful accompaniment to Harry’s earlier newborn shoot. It represents a progression of parenthood, growth and most importantly it documents the love of this young family. Oh dear broody again…it’s that tiny little foot! Hazard of the job.

Until next time lovely people x


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