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Little Yoga Studio Shoot {Commercial Photography Chelmsford}

Children, Location

Mindfulness isn’t something that comes easily to this mama. I can all to often be found somewhere between mild panic, self inflicted over zealous time management and photo related creative highs. Plus, I’m always split seconds away from 2 toddler related meltdowns, of course the golden oldie red cup, blue cup shizzle and now the “she has a Spider-man plaster, I want a Buzz Lightyear plaster!”, ‘But darling we don’t have a Buzz plaster”, “ARGHHHHHHHHH”. Cue me falling to my knees to pray to the merchandising gods for strength!

Despite my best efforts rebalance my lifestyle, years of working to television deadlines has created a monster when it comes to clock watching. The pages of my grown up colouring book may remain blank, but surely I deserve an “A+” for effort, colouring the Children’s menu at Pizza Express, whilst wrestling crayons from a 2 year old who has no respect for border control is no mean feat I can tell you!

So when I got a lovely phonecall from the Zen like Yoga goddess Nicola Chantler to ask if I wanted to do a shoot for her brand new shiny website “Little Yoga Studio”. I jumped at the chance. Nicola is everything you would want from a Yoga expert, she’s serene, calm and of course gorgeous. Plus she’s a fab mummy to 2 year old Ava. There was no doubt her cool cucumber-ness wouldn’t rub off on me. Get me to the Zen I screamed, I mean whispered!


The shoot was a huge success thanks to our perfect little Yoga bunnies. Introducing Ava, at only 2 years old, Nicola’s young protegee, already has some great Yoga moves and is beyond cute. Little Bluebell, also 2 is a natural advocate of holistic living and Ava’s BF, watch out world these two are not to be messed with. Noah and I go way back, we are old pals and he’s the best god damn Gruffalo hunter in the land – FACT! Krishan was the baby of the group and loved the class, He copied his friends and it just shows how this lovely calming class can cater for all children from 3 -11 years effortlessly. And lastly but by no means least was Kieran. He was a total superstar during the shoot and the moment he felt his heartbeat and learned how to tame it and slow it down, actually made me quite emosh. I realised right then how important it is to teach our children to be aware of themselves and their bodies and the impacts their behaviours can have on them, good or bad. They live what they learn and we must teach them to live well.

The Little Yoga Studio is for children aged 3 – 11 years. It will bring your little ones the perfect balance of story time, body focus, and mindfullness, blended with the ideal amount of play. Nicola has such a way with words, she paints physical pictures through movement and I have no doubt that she could tame even the most active and distracted toddler. I can’t wait to get my sproglets to the Little Yoga Studio. At 2 and 3 years old body focus, listening skills and patience are things we could all do with by the bucketload, so we’ll definitely be signing up. I wonder if she does baby sitting too!

Click here to check out all the classes on offer at www.littleyogastudio.co.uk


Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most”    Buddha


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