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Beside the seaside {Family photography shoot Chalkwell Beach Essex}

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One sunny Friday in July the gorgeous Tremain family invited me to do a family photography shoot at their local favourite family spot Chalkwell Beach. The smallest member of the family Finn, couldn’t have made me feel more welcome. On arrival he told me I was his best friend. Family photography shoots don’t get much better than this. Little people are just the best and I love meeting new friends as part of my job. Plus, getting out to fabulous locations is a perk of the job, with the beach being the icing on the cake.

If you’ve got somewhere special that means something to your family, then let’s plan a shoot there. Your folio of images will be so much more relevant and precious if the location has a special meaning. Anyway I digress, back to Danielle, Paul and Finn…

family photography Chalkwell Beach Leigh on sea

Once we decided on a spot that wasn’t too sunny or shadowy, we set about the serious business of sandcastle building. Finn soon showed his expertise in this area. Then he showed he was pretty good at mummy cuddles too. Moments like this take my breath away as a mummy and a photographer. I know as a mum I would adore a picture of myself cradling one of my babies like this. And, secondly, as a photographer, the second you click on a moment like this you know the photo will be invaluable because of the weight of the emotion it carries. When Finn is a big boy or even a daddy himself the legacy of this image will live on for Danielle his mummy.

family photography Chalkwell Beach Leigh on sea

I’m passionate about getting mothers in the frame for my photographs. I bang on about this a lot! As mothers we are the instigators, snot wipers, planners, pack lunch makers and taxi service. We are often so worried about the needs of our families that our bad hair days, muffin tops and bum changing duties take precedent over getting in the photograph of the actual activity we have planned. So my mission is to get more mummies in family photographs. Our children need to look back at family pics of their mothers with them. So they can see for themselves that we were “there”. Plus, how beautiful, young(er), and sleep deprived we actually were! Talking of beautiful, look at this hot mama Danielle. Not a bad hair day in sight. And those legs! Mummy in Frame = Mission accomplished!

If you think you’d like to check out the location of this lovely family photography shoot, then pop along to Chalkwell Beach, Leigh on Sea, Essex. Just make sure you check the tide timetable before you go! You never know you might spot little Finn on your travels too.


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