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Lockdown photo journal

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Lockdown Photo Journal

Creating a photo journal during Lockdown enabled me to process my feelings through my art. This creative outlet kept me sane. My photographs are a time capsule for our children. I hope one day when they look back and tell their grandchildren they were forced to lockdown this will be their history lesson. I hope you enjoy this photo diary of our family whilst sheltering.

The first images are of our last day of freedom on the beach in our happy place Walberswick, Suffolk on Mother’s Day, right up to this week. The images change, ebb and flow and speak of different emotions and seasons during one long period. Some are calm, some are angry, some are moody but every single one is authentic! We actually revisited Walberswick at the first opportunity we could after the stricter restrictions had been lifted.

Is it just me that still find this all utterly baffling! The fact that the whole world has been taken over by this virus, still baffles my brain. A bit like the fact that everybody in the world goes to bed at night (well most of us) we all obey the calls of nature or in this case the Government…will it still feel surreal long after it has passed or will it feel even stranger then when we look back on it. Who knows, but I hope this journal will serve to remind, re-adjust and re-affirm our reality, whatever that looks like in the future.

Lockdown has meant many things to many families. We are so very very lucky that for us it didn’t mean loss of a loved one. So many aren’t so lucky. What it meant to us was more transient, less permanent and easier to recover from. But nevertheless all our feelings are still valid and real. We still felt feelings of frustration, anger, fear, connection, loneliness, anxiety, isolation, love and captivity. It’s been hard because it is hard. And the hardest part was we were made to sit with it rather than run away. And that brings an enormous lack of control.

How was it for your family, what will you take forward from it, good and bad? And what have you learned about yourself? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments here too.

I hope our lockdown photo journal brings you some light in the dark tunnel.

Stay safe!!!

All my love kika x



  1. Stacie

    This is an amazing way to look back at this crazy time we’ve had. It too baffles my mind what has happened! The photo of you and your little girl still gets me, it’s so powerful and sums it up!

    As a family we’ve really learnt that the little things in life are so important! We don’t need more ‘stuff’ but being able to walk through the trees, an ice lolly in the sun, snuggling for a movie together. A slower pace of life is certainly something I’d like to hold onto. It’s also taught me that also my husband is untidy and doesn’t know where anything is… we get on so well and I definitely chose the right man!

    • Kika

      Wow Stacie this comment just made me tear up. That’s such a wonderful list of positive things you have learnt – made me chuckle too. Laughter even whilst frustrated proves resilience. That image is indeed powerful, I love that the journal moves through the seasons too, again baffles belief how long it’s gone on for! Ice lollies give life in lockdown…bit like snacks! Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment, means so much to me x


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