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The Mother Hub Launch Party {Turner Barnes Gallery Shenfield, Essex}


On Tuesday I had the pleasure of photographing the Mother Hub Launch event at the Turner Barnes Gallery in Shenfield, Essex. The evening was to celebrate the progress of the #IAmAnEssexGirl campaign and also the Mother Hub’s launch only 2 months ago. In that time Natasha and Juliet have done so much to raise the profile of the campaign, it doesn’t seem possible that it’s still so new.

This gorgeous gallery space run by Soo Turner was the perfect venue to welcome 60 bright and beautiful women all forging ahead in business, bossing and blogging. The energy, networking and positive vibes were contagious and before long the brilliant panel had the whole place roaring with laughter. My standard Tuesday night usually involves Netflix and a Muller Light, but not tonight. I got to mingle with a gold winning Olympian, the amazing Saskia Clark. Who talked so openly about her hopes, experiences and future plans. She even had to call home to check where her gold medal was, she’d forgotten it – as you do! It turned out it was in the messy drawer with the topless biros and take away menus, naturally! Saskia was so down to earth, and a very proud Essex girl indeed. She was joined by local business woman Emma Odell, who started Acanteen in Chelmsford with her mum, and now runs a hugely successful restaurant and shop employing 60 people. The formidable Instagram sensation and all round scrumptious being Lady Bakewell Park, who also happens to be an Essex girl, bought brilliant honest banter. And last but by no means least Juliet Townsend had us all laughing and nearly crying with her honest, authentic and brave account of what the #IamanEssexgirl campaign has meant to her work for the Essex Women’s Advisory Group.

Bubbles, Lady Bakewell Park biscuits and bonding kept the atmosphere buzzing all evening. And it was so good to actually meet people, yes actually meet them in real life, even though I’d already met many of them online. Ironically in this day and age, with Insta this and Facey that, it’s easy to forget how to actually be “social”. That’s where the The Mother Hub have struck gold. They have launched 2 vital things that Essex desperately needed. Firstly, a brilliant hub with multiple platforms for women to interact within, which focusses on people and relationships. And, secondly a campaign we can all be proud of. The future of all our little Essex girls and how they and the world view themselves. Booting out false and derogatory stereotypes with modern and positive role models. For this Natasha and Juliet I salute you. Roll on Supper Club, I can’t wait to see my new friends again. Oh and the goodie bags were great…Tuesday night next week will be so boring! 

For more info on upcoming events check out The Mother Hub Website by clicking here. 

To support the #IamAnEssexGirl petition click here to sign.


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