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A Spring photoshoot by Chelmsford family photographer

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“Family faces are like magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present and future.”  G Buckley

Spring photoshoot by Chelmsford family photographer Kika Mitchell Photography

Families represent everything to us, simply put they are the past, present and the future. So when a family asks me to capture 3 generations as a birthday present, I don’t just see it as a job, I see it as an honour. Stephanie and her gorgeous sisters surprised their parents with a gift voucher at Christmas. 15 people (including 5 littles ones under 5) to photograph was going to be a fun adventure, albeit slightly exhausting. 

But this Chelmsford photographer loves a challenge especially when it involves photographing children, so we set to work on the chosen day and here’s a selection of some of the family’s photographs that will be treasured for generations to come. 

family and child portraits by Chelmsford photographer Kika Mitchell Photography

I literally get goosebumps at the thought of Max, Bella, Pearl, Bobby and William growing up surrounded by my images of them on their walls. You can see for yourself how much fun we had. Everyone in the entire family was relaxed, and full of fun. Which makes for a beautiful gallery full to the brim of love and natural connections. In my opinion that is what makes true photography last a lifetime, it has to be authentic and relevant to the people in it. Oh and of course no forced smiles or awkward poses. 

I distinctly remember the photographs in my own home growing up and the profound effect they had on me even as a youngster. They reminded me who I belonged to, that I was safe, cherished and of the actual day that they were taken. The season, the smells, the feelings, these are all things that can be conjured up when we see a photograph we love. 

Spring photoshoot of 3 generations by Kika Mitchell Photography Chelmsford family Photographer
Spring family photoshoots Admiral's park Essex by Chelmsford family photographer Kika Mitchell Photography
Black and White children's portraits by Kika Mitchell photography
Monochrome outdoor photography by Kika Mitchell Chelmsford Photographer
Children's photoshoots by Kika Mitchell Essex photographer
Spring photoshoot by Chelmsford family photographer Kika Mitchell Photography
Spring photo shoots by Kika Mitchell Photography Chelmsford photographer
Spring family photography by Kika Mitchell Photography Chelmsford photographer

Right now the children might be obsessed with Paw Patrol, chocolate button fairy cakes and micro scooters but once these phases have passed their photographs from that day will remain. They will see how loved they are and who they belong to. That is the power of photographs. So please photograph your beautiful family now, next time you look at them they will be slightly older and different things will be important to them. Let’s capture all the beautiful chaos now. I promise it will be a wonderful adventure that you won’t regret. Now is what’s important. 

Until next time x


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