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Darcey Violet’s Baptism Celebration {Christening photography Essex}

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Wow what a fabulous summer I’ve had so far. I’ve left the big smoke to embark on my new venture. I’ve got to meet loads lovely people and the best bunch of small humans ever. My pasty pins have transformed from semi skimmed to a nice frothy Frappuccino! Oh la la! And the best bit is, summer isn’t even over yet. Who knows I might turn a shade of Cappuccino before it’s back to school time! Actually, who am I trying to kid. I’ll be various shades of Dove gradual tan by then. (They all lie when they say it doesn’t smell, all fake tan honks – I go to bed most nights reeking like a sweaty kebab shop full of fake-tan-tastic clubbers after a Friday night out in Chelmo!) Anyway I digress…

So back to divine Darcey Violet’s beautiful Baptism. What a beautiful day, sunny, hot, not too hot where the make up runs off your face hot, but just hot enough. Darcey’s family and friends are a gorgeous bunch. Just look at them all, seriously smart and so much fun. This celebration boasted such a beautiful and friendly guest list.  And so many pairs of Ray-Bans sunglasses I actually wondered if I was in the South of France. This lovely lot were seriously cool.

The ceremony took place and the beautiful St Mary the Virgin Church in Fryerning, which is the most beautiful tiny village just outside of Ingatestone. (It’s really worth checking out as it has 2 great little village pubs, which serve great food and the most wonderful posh houses your can nosey at as you drive through) Darcey was a little superstar throughout her baptism, she barely even objected to the obligatory hair wash. Such a lovely little girl, so sweet and very calm, and such a thumb sucker, is there anything cuter!? Her big brother Jude also took very good care of her, and lived up to his name of “Jude the Dude” given by Patrick the brilliant vicar.

Then we all went onto a lovely pub in Great Baddow for a beautiful party. Darcey’s very clever mummy Jodie had decorated the garden beautifully. There were pom poms aplenty, sweet smelling summer blooms and lots of Violets in honour of the little lady’s middle name. The children even had a craft corner, bubbles and sweet jars. Everything had been thought of and this gave me the perfect backdrop to create a beautiful set of images for the whole family to share and enjoy.

If you are considering having a photographer at your child’s special day, I really recommend booking in early. This summer I have actually had requests for 2 bookings, on the same at the same Chapel! All of a sudden it’s busier than soft play on a wet Tuesday afternoon in half term!

In my opinion Christenings are a perfect occasion to invite a photographer along. The whole family gather to celebrate a child’s baptism, so you have everyone is one place, which is ideal for group shots of your special people. Secondly, churches provide stunning formal backdrops. Whilst, the party that often follows, provides a more relaxed informal opportunity to capture natural family portraits. Fuelled by a Pimms or 2 even the most camera shy family member can be persuaded to get involved. And, even if they can’t, don’t fear I have a very long lens so I can catch them when they aren’t even aware…bingo everyone is included! Not to mention the fact that everyone will look superfine and snazzy, so why waste the opportunity to catch your children snot free and without a scrap of breakfast on their little chops.

I say it a lot, but I truly believe we should capture our families in photographs as they are now. In years to come you will all look back at your photographs and remember the sweet summer smells, those little laughs, the way they sucked their thumb, the friends you love and the moments you all shared. I’d love to be part of helping you remember these moments forever.

As the brilliant Dr Seuss once said…

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”

Thanks so much for inviting me to your Baptism Darcey, I had a wonderful time x





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  1. Claire Speller

    Hi my sons christening is 21/5/23 at 12.30 for an hours service then a celebration after so between 1.5-2.5hrs
    If you are available how much would this be? It’s at Chelmsford cathedral


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