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Get ready to relive September’s warm autumn sunshine as I bring you some of my favourite images from my stunning Autumn mini sessions taken by me Kika Mitchell Photography, a very happy Chelmsford photographer. These were taken in the wonderful apple orchards of Lathcoats Farm. I really hope you enjoy looking at them, we had an absolute blast creating them.

The apples this year certainly kept this Chelmsford Photographer on my toes but my golly they were worth it. The warm autumn sun meant they ripened sooner than expected. This is always a possibility with shoots which are so heavily dependant on a seasonal backdrop. And it’s something I have to warn all my clients about, plus we are at the mercy of the weather. But when the stars align the beauty is clear for all to see as you can in these images. I am so proud of this set of photographs, (and this is just a taster). They are authentic, natural, seasonal, honest and beautiful (even if I do say so myself).

Next Spring I am potentially running Apple Blossom Spring Mini Sessions but clients need to be prepared to act quickly. If you are interested in your family being photographed amongst the stunning Spring blossom in the Lathcoats Orchards then read on (and be sure to comment). But more of that later…

Lathcoats farm in Chelmsford and its stunning orchards provided a wonderful backdrop, the apples were the co-stars but the children were the real stars of the show.

Each set of family portraits perfectly captures the essence of its members. In all my sessions I focus on getting you all to relax so I can capture the natural connections between you. That’s what will last for generations come, not phoney smiles plastered on your kids faces.

My tag line is ‘natural, intimate and creative photography’ and this is at the heart of everything I create. There is no posing, no looking to camera saying cheese, in fact anything with a whiff of fromage ends up firmly on my cutting room floor.

Thank you to all my wonderful clients who bought their nearest and dearest. You have no idea how happy I am to photograph you all. I literally pinch myself so often my arm is black and blue. I really love my job!
If you are interested in being part of next Spring’s Apple Blossom mini sessions at Lathcoats Farm please leave your details (email and phone number) below in the comments section of this blog. These sessions will be extremely limited on numbers so I’m starting an exclusive wait list on a first come first served basis.
However, because of the delicate nature of Apple blossom and how suceptable to frost it is there is no guarantee at the moment whether these will take place and most importantly when. (Although it could be anytime during April) More details will be released in due course and I promise to keep you posted.
Thanks again for reading, hope you enjoyed my pics x
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