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Your branding needs you.

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Your Branding needs you! Time to step up. 

All you want is for your businesto stand out and be visible online. You want to knock your competition sideways. You want to be the only brand that get remembered in a noisy marketplace. But, most importantly you want to portray everything you believe in. Am I right? This is why your branding needs to be first class and authentic. If you are going to give people the best impression of your brand then it needs to be the right impression of you!

If only getting visible online didn’t actually involve having to get your face out as the face of your brand. Life would be so much simpler wouldn’t it? But this is your brand, your story and your responsibility. Welcome to the Kika school of tough love! Social media is gruelling, relentless and hard, but it’s part of it. So suck it up buttercup.

And believe me I get it, on the day of my last branding shoot I’d had a huge row with my other half, my clothes felt tight, I felt frumpy and the very last thing I wanted to do was be the friendly and approachable face of my brand. I felt pretty unapproachable at that moment tbh. But…we can do hard things and I had to step up. And voila…

The needy and unpredictable algorithm.

Let’s face it these days there is so bloody much to do when marketing your business, it’s relentless. Even if you have no interest in social media there is no way your business will survive if you don’t accept it and just get started. Then there’s all the bloody reels, stories, posts and interaction that’s needed. No posting and ghosting folks blah blah meh! In all honesty you need to get used to getting your face in the game, so let’s reframe it for you now.

 Right now you are exactly where you need to be. 

Your amazing business brand is the result of every single thing you have done up until this point. Every success and failure that has come before it will make you stronger. You are exactly where you need to be and your new venture can be portrayed exactly how you choose. It’s all your choice, what a wonderful place to be in. You can go in any direction you choose. That might be a branding shoot in London, lifestyle at home, in your fave hangout, your coworking space, or we can hire an amazing house or loft apartment. It’s your brand, your shoot and your choice.

I’m here to guide, style, direct and assist you.

We can work out your wish list of pics together and go in whatever direction suits you. It’s so exciting and thrilling seeing people’s dreams literally come alive through a fab branding portfolio. So are you ready to get cracking or are you going to stay in that comfort zone? If you want to come with me I’m ready for you and if not go grab your comfort blanket and make yourself at home as you aren’t going anywhere. Told you it was tough love around here. Big girl pants on – your Branding needs you! 

Love Kika x


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