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Your happy place

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The first thing I ask my clients is how do you want to be photographed? 

 the next question has to be where is it set, where is the location? What does it say and represent to you all? In my opinion the best place for a shoot is in your happy place. 

My family’s happy place is Walberswick beach, my children have practically grown up there. We know the best dunes, the best place to crab, the best skimming spots. It just evokes such joy in all of us we can’t help but smile there. This is why we’ve had 2 of our family shoots done there by the wonderful creative talent that is Farlie photography.  She’s my dear friend and a totally amazing human, I love being photographed by her. 

But for you it might be a particular park, where your children have always enjoyed walks, or the snowdrops in Spring, or perhaps there’s a special river they always paddle in. In Esses we are so lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful outdoor spaces, there is so much choice. Alternatively. your happy place might be at home, your haven, your safe space. Hanging out in the garden or around the kitchen table might be where your memories are made. So let’s capture the beautifully mundane, the privilege of your family’s normal is something that you can never underestimate the value of as your children grown.  There really are no rules. 

I’m here to hand hold you through the decision making process, I can guide and assist as much as you like. Or if you don’t have any ideas or places in mind I have a long list I can suggest depending on the season, colour scheme and requirements of your family. 

Ahead of your shoot we will have a full phone consultation where we will discuss all the finer details of your shoot. I love to find out more about your family and what makes everyone tick. We’ll also chat about wardrobe, the post shoot process, your viewing session. 

Let me introducing Nikki and her wonderful family in their happy place, a stunning Bluebell wood in the grounds of her family home. I mean how lucky am I, my client’s family have an actual Bluebell wood! 

Nikki’s and her children are used to coming to these woods for Easter egg hunts, picnics and family walks so it felt like a natural choice to capture her long awaited family shoot here. 

Nikki loves the colours, the woodland, the peace, so from my point of view it was a no brainer. 

You will never be as relaxed for your photoshoot as you will be in a place that you already feel comfortable in. 

If you want to feel totally relaxed for a photoshoot and truly be yourself, the perfect location is one where you already feel comfortable and know your surroundings. That will be where you are your natural happy self and this will ripple down to the small humans in your family too. 

I think we can agree Oscar and Olivia are totally free and easy in the bluebells in their very own happy place.

If you feel inspired to be photographed in your very own happy place, then send me a message today and we can have a chat and get planning your own photoshoot. 

Love Kika 



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