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Ahead of your shoot

How would you like to be photographed?

Let’s have a chat on the phone and discuss the outline of the day.

I’ll ask you things like; does the morning or afternoon suit you better? Also, your choice of wardrobe and the colour palette you choose can make a huge difference to the results on the day of the shoot and the seasons reflected within your gallery of photographs. I’m more than happy to offer guidance on this so we can deliver the vision you have for your shoot.

Picking the location

I’m happy to suggest locations, or we can do the shoot at your home or someone else’s. If you’d like, we can also start at home, maybe reading stories and getting ready and then head out on location, for example to your local park or blackberry picking. It’s your shoot so it needs to work for your family. There will be no posing or asking your little ones to smile, I want their smiles and laughter to be genuine, so on the day of your shoot my top priority is to make your family photography session fun for the whole family.


On the day

The approximate duration for your family, child or newborn shoot is about 1.5 to 2 hours. Shoots are designed to work around you and your family so whether it’s snacks, naps or feeds that need to slot in, we simply follow the children’s lead and go with the flow. I like to keep my shoots relaxed and even with a plan it’s best to not worry too much about schedules.

Your shoot will evolve as it’s meant to and I will structure it so you get the most of your time with me. Your portrait session will be unposed, as I want to photograph your family being as relaxed and natural as possible. This is your time to enjoy being with your family so I’m the only one who’s allowed to clock watch.

After the shoot 

After your shoot I will send you a couple of sneak peaks, which will get you super excited about viewing the rest of your gallery. You will also receive your bespoke slideshow which will be cut to music. You are then invited to come and view your photos over coffee at my home, where I can talk you through the options for printing and framing. 

You will then have time to look through your photographs, choose your favourites, discuss printing and framing options and order your collection so you can soon be displaying your beautiful new family photographs proudly at home. I promise you you will never regret investing in your family’s memories. 

“If you never did you should. These things are fun. And fun is good.”  

Dr Seuss

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