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Get ready for affordable, bespoke and fresh photography updates for your busy business.

This year more than ever small businesses need affordable ways to freshen up their content, marketing and brand identity.
So to help businesses like yours I’ve launched my “Branding Portfolios”.  My aim is to give my clients the chance to work with me on an affordable retainer basis.
You can choose whether we work together over 6 or 12 months. It’s your portfolio so it works your way.
Essentially, it means they get regular Kika photo credits to use as you wish.
Just imagine having someone on your team who knows your brand, who also has a proven track record of working on high profile campaigns for network TV for over 20 years and who can also input creatively in the areas where you might struggle.
Well it’s me, and I’m here to help you!
It could be for mini headshot sessions, marketing presentations, events, workshops or just for content updates. The shoots will all be totally tailor made to fit your brief.
Before we start working on your shoot schedule we will have at least 2 detailed consultations (ideally over a yummy brunch) and we will discuss everything that you want to achieve, portray and convey.
Each of your shoots will be treated idividually and to a brief that suits all your messaging and goals. 
So join my team and get my bespoke expertise and attention. You won’t regret investing at these amazing and affordable prices. 
My other Branding Portfolio clients are @wearemoutperiods, @iamstephgrainger, @nutricore_health and Oliviaandgray.


Only £195 per quarter

Included in your branding sessions are;

a FULL gallery of edited images, shoot consultations and VIP weekday booking slots.

Pricing plan over 12 months, £195 every quarter for 4 hours of Kika time, to be divided up as you wish.

(Compared to £880 up front for 2 shoots with 2 Session Fees & 15 images per shoot, a saving of £100 PLUS all the images from the gallery)

Let’s get to know each other.

Get in touch today…

Chelmsford photographer Kika Mitchell Photography standing with laptop in lifestyle shoot for branding session

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