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FAQ Frequently asked questions by Chelmsford photographer Kika Mitchell Photography. Below you’ll find a few typical questions people often ask me. No question is too silly and probably has been asked before, so if below doesn’t answer your question, I’m always happy to speak by email or phone to relieve any concerns.

What do people usually wear on shoots?

This is a great question. I have lots of ideas and tips in this really useful blog I’ve written so please click here for more info.

The main thing to remember is that we want you to be the focus of your photographs, not bold patterns or logos. If you are comfy, you will look relaxed and lastly, I adore little ones in matching colours or outfits. Wardrobe choices will also be affected by location choice and the seasons, so let’s chat it all over when we have our phone consultation.

Why would I purchase professional laboratory prints from you?

When I edit your photographs, I use specific software to enhance the natural beauty in the photographs. I only enhance, I never change. I craft the colours, the tones and the details. The professional laboratory that I use to develop your chosen prints, will guarantee the colours and tones are as they should be, and they will be printed on archive photographic paper to preserve your memories. Put bluntly, the quality will be far superior to any high street shops or chains.

Check out this useful blog by clicking here, it’s all about printing your family photographs and why it’s so important.

Where should our shoot take place?

This is a great question and it’s often the first thing we discuss. It can depend on what time of year you would like your shoot to take place, the season, the ages of your children and what the memories are that you might like to be captured. If you love Autumn, we could head to your favourite woodland to capture the array of awesome colours. Or maybe you have a newborn and a young toddler and it’s still a bit chilly so it might be safer to stay close to home. I love to photograph people in their happy places so let’s have a chat and work out what suits you. 

I have a really useful blog which shows lots of location ideas so why not have a read, just click here.

What are digital files?

The digital files are the individual photographs in a digital format. They will be downloaded via your online gallery (which is password protected) and stored as computer files on your computer or on a separate hard drive. Just like photographic negatives in the past, they will be yours to store forever.

I try to keep all my files for upto 2 years but after that I’m afraid I can’t guarantee that I will still have them, so please look after them.

How do we organise the shoot?

After your enquiry I like to chat on the phone and get to know you, then we can discuss shoot dates and how you would like to be photographed.

If you would like to pop me an enquiry just click here to take you straight to my ‘Contact’ page. I can’t wait to hear from you.

On your phone consultation I’ll ask you things like; does the morning or afternoon suit you better? Where would you like to be photographed? What sort of wall art are you after. Also, your choice of wardrobe and the colour palette you choose can make a huge difference to the results on the day of the shoot and the seasons reflected within your gallery of photographs. I’m more than happy to offer guidance on this so we can deliver the vision you have for your shoot.

What happens after the shoot?

After your shoot it gets really exciting. I love sending my clients Sneak Peaks, sometimes I share these but ONLY with express and confirmed persmission. These are your images and I take your privacy very very seriously. For more information about my Privacy Policy please click here.

Then I start editing your Proofing Gallery. Next a viewing session is arranged at my house about a week or so after your shoot. This is THE most exciting part, you come over, we drink coffee, peruse your gallery and I often squeal with delight as I watch your face light up as you view your wonderful portfolio of images. You will also have the chance to touch and feel the gorgeous products that I can supply too. It’s hard to understand what I can offer until you see it in person so it’s really worthwhile. It’s also a bit of time out from your busy schedule to savour your wonderful memories, a gift to yourself really. You are under no pressure to decide there and then, take your time at home to decide which collection suits you. Once your invoice is paid then I will order your products and deliver them by hand.

Please click here to see my Price list. 

What is a Session Fee?

The Session Fee is basically a non refundable Booking Fee. I see it as insurance for both parties.

Your little one might get Chicken Pox (or a black eye which has been know to happen) and you might like to rearrange your shoot, which is absolutely fine if you have paid your Session Fee. It locks the shoot date in my diary, and provides security for both of us. Or if the pesky British weather is being awkward we can re-arrange your shoot.

Please note that no Collections or products are included in this price.

The Session Fee is £95 for a weekday and £195 for a weekend. Click here for more information on my pricing and products.

I'm really camera shy and nervous?

Booking a shoot can be a really daunting process, I understand that, plus it’s a big investment. So I want to make it as simple and easy as possible and most importantly I want you to love the results. For that reason I make sure you understand the whole process in advance and with 23 years in television I know I can help you relax and enjoy having your photograph taken. It’s my job, so leave the details to me and I promise you will love the results.

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