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The reason I love to photograph children is simple, they change constantly. It’s their job to grow. All their moments whether happy or sad are always pure and honest. As a photographer you are lucky as you are able to freeze time there and then. Next time you see them...


Photographing a joyful family is the best feeling in the whole wide world. Simply put it’s an honour. I’m a very emotional person and the transferable joy often moves me behind the lens, when I’ve got “that” magic shot I often shed a little tear!

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Portraits of Motherhood

Portraits of Motherhood

Portraits of Motherhood, the beautiful heartbreak. How do you prepare the humans beings you grew inside your own body to eventually leave you? This is a question that I will never be able to answer. The power of photographs. The other day I accidentally stumbled...

The gift of a lockdown baby

The gift of a lockdown baby

The gift of a lockdown baby. Introducing Fraser, what a lucky little chap he is. And an utter joy to photograph. He was so alert and didn't stop smiling at my camera. He was looked after by his furry brothers Dougal and Innes who threatened to steal the show. They are...

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