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Quick and easy ways to organise your family photos

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Let’s chat family photos! I’m here with some super quick and easy ways to organise your family photos. As your family photographer it’s all part of my personal service.
We are all so busy, I get it,
you are time poor and just want someone to take the hard work out of those bloody photo albums, prints and photo debris that are always on your to do list. Because at the end of the day you love your family and you treasure your photos! So I’m here to help with my 5 top tips for organising your family photos now and how to stay organised going forward. The sense of relief you get once you have started will be immense, so just make a little start today.

Go on, you can do hard things! 


1  Folders. 

On your phone or computer set up a master folder labelled “PRINT FOLDER”. Within this folder set up folders for each month. At the beginning of each new month put your fave piccies from the previous month that you want to either print or create an album with.  This will make the job of sorting and ordering easier as everything will be in one place in order.
NB Be ruthless just choose your very fave pics, not 5 versions of the same image – you will only want one image to remember, prints from and organise! This is key, trust me.

2  Set a reminder.

Set a reminder in your phone calendar for when the clocks go forward and back (March and September) to do a print order from these lovely monthly print folders you have organised. Start small until it becomes a nice little pattern – just twice a year is maintainable.

Order 3 sets of your fave prints.

One set for you. One set for your child/children.

One set for family/friends.

Once your prints arrive spend time looking at them and showing the children. Let them choose their own and they will probably love to put some in their rooms and on display. Let them hold them and interact physically with them, it’s wonderful for them to hold their memories rather than just see them on a phone.

3 Go shopping! 

Buy yourself a lovely print box to store your pics, I have multiple large boxes stocked with random prints from over the years.  I also have frames and albums – I have a lot!
Find some cute albums for the children to get busy with too. If they have their own albums you can look away as they put them in upside down and out of chronological order!
Here are a couple of affordable ones:

Fabric Photo Album Self Adhesive album

Linen Photo Album Slip In album

4 Sit and feast on your life. 

School holidays are a great time to spend some time at home creating your family albums together. You can get crafty and nostalgic. Even if your children aren’t into it, it’s lovely for them to be surrounded by you reminiscing – it’s so good for their self esteem and can soften even the most moody teen!

You can do this old school with physical prints or online albums depending on how old your children are. My kids are great online now so they would ace creating online albums, they would love it.  Plus children love looking at themselves so they will be great helpers. It could just turn that thankless boring task you’ve been putting off into a really fun one that actually creates even more memories for you all. 

5  Easy Apps to use.

Easy and pain free apps and websites I recommend to download and use today!

Motif Photos

This Apple app syncs with all your Apple pics if you have an iphone and is SUPER easy to use. Download via the app store today to get started.

Rosemood Photo Books 10% off

Gorgeous magazine style photo books that you can print for yourself and loved ones. Get going with this cheeky 10% off too.

Please don’t forget I’m always here to help and I love creating albums as part of my personal after care service for my busy clients. My bespoke product service is something I am proud to offer. To find out how I can help you get in touch for a chat today.


Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, I’d love to hear any comments you have.

Love Kika x

Rave Review

 Lucy, family client:

“the colours are exquisite. They’re INSANE! I can’t wait to get them up all over the house !!!! Honestly. I’m elated. 

You are so special. Thank you so much!.”


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