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Autumn lifestyle shoot Chelmsford photographer

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Welcome to my latest blog all about one of my favourite Autumn lifestyle shoots. As the year draws to a close for this Chelmsford photographer I’m starting to reminisce about my many wonderful shoots from this year. I know it sounds cheesy but I really do enjoy every single one of my shoots with my amazing clients.

Margot’s first birthday shoot was a wonderful combination of an indoor lifestyle shoot and autumnal outdoor shoot, so I’d really like to share it with you. 

Margot’s beautiful mama Martine found me on Instagram via my useful hashtags.  Using social media seems such a modern way to find your photographer, but as we all use our devices for multiple uses it’s happening more and more. Obviously Martine has amazing taste (oops there I go tooting my own horn) but she really does… as you can see from these images and Margot’s amazing nursery.

This shoot was a celebration of Margot’s impending first birthday. We also wanted to document a day in the life of Martine, Ed and Margot. 

The mundane details of life are so easy to overlook but things change so quickly and time passes. Soon Margot won’t need feeding anymore and she won’t sit still for long enough to be read to, so it’s vital we capture these details now. I’m so diligent with the details, they might seem small but they make so much difference. The curls, the fromage frais mealtime mess, the bedtime stories, they soon pass… excuse me as I weep silently… my eldest has just started primary school. He is now an independent young spirit but once he was solely dependant on me, that’s why we must document the details, for us as much as for them. He is also the reason I do this job, as he made me realise the fragility of time and led to my obsession to preserve it.

Photographs will always be there. Especially when your heart aches to remember how tiny your baby once was, and how young you looked before the sleep thieves had taken their toll. 

What I love about this gallery is it shows all areas of this beautiful young family’s life. There’s quiet chill time, mealtimes, adventure time and even time in the garden picking vegetables. This was something Martine and I discussed in advance as it’s an important part of the family’s routine so Martine was keen for it to be included. As I’ve said before, this is your family shoot so it needs to reflect you and what’s important to your family. We captured the seasons outdoors but also the changing seasons of family life, constantly in flux. 

‘You may delay, but time will not.’  Benjamin Franklin

I hope you enjoy this lovely gallery of photographs and happy first birthday marvellous Margot. 

Lots of love Kika x


  1. Hannah

    Preserving time and documenting the details!!! Love it so much I’m going to add it to my insta bio.
    Fab pictures xx

  2. Martine Hartridge

    Lovely post thank you! We adore our photos and I look at them every day. Especially the harder days because they remind me how brief this time is and how many wonderful moments we have together each day. Xx


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