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Emmeline’s 3rd Birthday Party {Family & child photography Essex}

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Emmeline is celebrating her 3rd birthday! Would I be able to photograph her birthday party? A beautiful little girl with a name I adore, there was no question, you couldn’t keep me away!  There was even a little baby Rafferty at her party too, this was a sign, the stars had well and truly aligned. As a child and family photographer, photographing children’s parties rates pretty high as a perk of the job. Fancy dress, happy children, sugar overdoses (especially when they don’t involve my own children) party bags, and cake, what’s not to love!

As a photographer my most important question for a client is ‘how would you like to be photographed?’ Lauren Emme’s mum, knew what she wanted from her shoot, which makes my job so much easier. We had a chat and aswell as documenting her large family having fun at her party, Lauren really wanted one shot of Emme, her dad and herself that she could frame. The fact that she could be so specific for her shoot enabled me to plan ahead and work out how to achieve this.

family, party, children's photographer, Islington
family party, photographer, children, Islington, princess
lipstick, child photographer, makeover
child photography, party, reflection of childhood
family party, photographer, reflection, party princess

Even Emme’s best efforts to give herself a makeover with Nanny Bee’s red superstay lipstick moments before the guests arrived didn’t manage to get in the way of us achieving ‘that’ shot for Lauren to frame.

cake, candles, the money shot, child photography, party
waiting for cake, party, children's photographer
family moments, child photography, party
cousins, cute, party, children's photographer

These spontaneous and unpredictable moments of natural chaos are why I love to photograph children. The  moments whether happy or sad are always pure and genuine when played out by little people.


family shot, capture the shot, family photography

There was so much happiness shared by Emme’s large family and happy friends that day. When you are 3 life can be pretty perfect with a scrumptious cake, smiley faces, sunshine and a princess dress. Happy 3rd birthday Emmeline.

If you are thinking of hiring a photographer to document your little person or people, family parties are a great opportunity to do so. The atmosphere is relaxed, the guestlist has brought together all the important people and after a few glasses of fizz even camera shy Uncle Cecil will be eating out of my hand. Don’t wait for the right time to get your family portraits taken, the right time is now.


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