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Olivia Burton celebrates kindness at Covent Garden boutique

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When Olivia Burton celebrates kindness at their Covent Garden Boutique they mean business. Photographing this wonderful event on “Random Acts of Kindness Day” really didn’t feel like work at all. When work involves celebrating kind hearts and emotional wellbeing for a beautiful home grown brand like Olivia Burton that champions creativity, and the environment, you know you are very lucky indeed. 
Co-founder Jemma is a beautiful soul who proudly reflects all the brands core visions. 
It was dreamt up by 2 best friends who saw a gap in the market for beautiful watches and jewellery and was bought to life with hard work, vision and innovation. All their collections are inspired by nature, vegan friendly, designed in London, and have the cutest colour palettes! 
Now back to kindness, so my first question to you is “How kind are you to yourself?” 
Do you put your friends and family ahead of yourself? Are you aware of how to reduce your stress levels and your body’s warning signs if things aren’t going to plan? It’s often far easier to be kind to others than be kind to ourselves. 
So to celebrate ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ day the stunning Olivia Burton boutique in Covent Garden became Kindness HQ and hosted a wonderful event for friends of the brand, influencers and children. Ambassador, Podcaster and award winning Mental Health Advocate Jo Love aka @jolobella spoke to everyone about her own mental health, her struggles, useful self care kindness tactics and how we should all prioritise our own happiness in order to take care of those we love the most. If you haven’t checked out Jo’s fab website or podcast please do, it’s honest, raw and insightful. I also got to catch up with my lovely friend Essex Mama and meet lots of new friends. Such a lovely way to spend a Sunday, see I keep forgetting I was actually working. 
Face painted children were entertained with gorgeous arts and crafts, Rock My Bowl catered for everyone with yummy food and treats and everyone got to drool over the boutique’s beautiful collections. 

The boutique’s Positivity Tree was even laden with random acts of kindness for the special day. Everyone was invited to pick an envelope and then asked to enjoy their random act to celebrate the day. This joyful and wonderful idea left everyone full of appreciation of themselves and each other. Proving it really is cool to be kind! 

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Thanks for reading, I’d love to hear your comments so please feel free to pop them below. 

kika x


  1. Ali

    Looks amazing!! Great reminder of how important self kindness is. Have been feeling really deflated reading all the news recently so refreshing to read about kindness for a change! Need more of that in our lives!

    • Kika

      Thanks so much Ali for reading and commenting. I know we all need uplifting at the moment and kindness is the only way. I love the random acts of kindness from the positivity tree, might install one at home. Thanks again for taking time to read x

  2. Iana

    Such a lovely theme and I love their watches ❤️
    Can see how you forgot you were working!

    • Kika

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment Iana, I fell in love with everything in the boutique x

  3. Steph

    Love that tree with all the random acts of kindness notes, such a beautiful idea

    Some stunning images captured here Kika xx

    • Kika

      I know, I adore the idea of the Positivity Tree, such a gorgeous message to spread, thanks for reading and commenting Steph x


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