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Family Photoshoot Locations in Chelmsford

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Where to have your family photoshoot is one of the first things you’d consider. You might even have a location in mind before we start talking. There are so many perfect family photoshoot locations in Chelmsford that it can feel like you’re spoilt for choice! I’m going to discuss a few of them today, and help you get closer to deciding which one would be right for your family.


Outdoor Family Photoshoot Locations in Chelmsford

I love taking families outdoors for their photoshoots! Not only do we get to incorporate the colours of the seasons. We get to see some of the gorgeous countryside here in Chelmsford, it also gives the kids chance to run around a bit and be themselves. Once the kids relax, the parents relax. Turning your family photoshoot into a fun family trip out is a great way to ensure you get the kinds of photos you’ll love to look back on as your children grow. Here are some of my favourite outdoor locations for family photoshoots.


Your Home

It’s your space. Where you laugh, cry, break bread and feel happiest. If you’re the sort of family that likes to hang out at home, or if your child is still a baby, then having a family photoshoot at home is a perfect choice. A lifestyle photoshoot at home offers you the opportunity to get photos of the normal things you do together. Things like making lunch, reading books, or brushing your child’s hair. The things that are so ordinary we take them for granted.

photograph of Emily Norris Youtube Vlogger with her 2 boys on a lifestyle family photoshoot at home on location in Chelmsford

Country Estates

Country estates typically offer a range of backgrounds that work well with family photoshoots. You can usually depend on dappled shade from large trees, as well as open meadows and pretty flowers. They’re great places to take young children, with on site facilities making this an easier option. Depending on which estate you go to there could be ducks to feed, mazes to navigate and trees to climb, not to mention gorgeous old buildings providing beautiful backdrops to your family photos.

Why not take a look at the photos I took at Audley End House, click here for some inspiration.

Or check out the Audley End House on The English Heritage website, just click here. 

stunning Audley End house English heritage location in Chelmsford Essex, was used for a commercial photoshoot with families by Kika Mitchell Photography

Local Parks

The green space provided by local parks can be a safe option for families looking for an ‘evergreen’ background in their family photoshoot. They might not offer the interesting topography you’d find in country estates, but they are still worth considering. When local parks incorporate nature reserves or wetland they’re often left to go a bit wild to encourage the wildlife, and then they are simply stunning – a perfect location for family photoshoots.



Woodland locations are definitely worth considering for a family photoshoot that involves young kids. If you’ve ever had a 2 year old you’ll know just how much fun can be had charging around with sticks and looking for fairies in the woods. Giving children the freedom to play like this during a family photoshoot makes it a relaxing, fun experience for everybody. The greenery that accompanies the bluebells and daffodils in the springtime can make woods look almost magical, and the transformation from summer to autumn in the woods can create stunning tones in your family photographs.


Emily Norris Youtube vlogger and sensation with her young family in woodland location in Chelmsford on a family photoshoot by Chelmsford photographer Kika mItchell Photography

Sunflower Fields

Here in Chelmsford we’re really lucky to have fields of sunflowers growing each summer. The long stems and bright yellow flowers are best shot at sunset during the summer holidays, as they can be a bit strong in the bright sunlight. I’m always keen to get parents involved in family photos, because mums are usually the ones holding the camera. It’s so important to me to give them chance to step into the frame with their children, and the flower fields are really great for that.

Apple Orchards

The days gradually lengthen. The sun shines a bit brighter. And then the blossom starts to bloom. The apple orchards in Chelmsford are beautiful in the spring. Photographs of children taken here, with bright eyes and rosy cheeks, are just gorgeous. As a photographer I want to capture these kinds of details, and there’s just something about the delicate petals of apple blossom in the Chelmsford orchards that just works.

Each spring I have a day of mini sessions in the orchards. You can see what we got up to in during my most orchard sessions last Spring, just click here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this list about family photoshoot locations in Chelmsford. There are a few different factors to consider when you’re making the choice about where to go, depending on the ages and personalities of your children, and the tones you’d like to incorporate. If you’d like to talk about any of the options mentioned here, or would like to hear my suggestions for your own session then please get in touch with me at kika@kikamitchellphotography.co.uk or call me on 07884 051397.

If you would like another useful blog about wardrobe choices for your upcoming shoot, please click here.

Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear from you. 


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