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Rave reviews and kind words


Rave reviews and kind words from you lovely lot, my clients, mean the absolute world to me. I truly love my job as a Chelmsford Photographer but to know my work makes you happy with it means even more to me.

It’s an honour to know my work graces the walls in my clients homes, a huge privilege in fact. I know how much I value my own family photographs and I know the true value of photography, because I too book family photo shoots for my family. So I understand that photography is an investment. Not just financially, but of course it is that, but also in terms of your time. It takes time to find a photographer who is right for you and your family. You need someone who will help your children have fun so they can be themselves on camera. And you also need someone to help you relax so you can have fun too. Afterall photoshoots are all about fun, mine are anyway. There will be no stiff posing, no pressure and I promise no one will ever say “cheese” on one of my shoots!

My prices reflect my talent, my wealth of experience, and most importantly they reflect the customer service you will experience when you book with me. First class quality is the promise I make to whole heartedly deliver on every single one of my shoots. And as you can see from the words of my happy customers, this is something I take very seriously.

Thank you for taking time to watch my video and I hope to meet you soon x


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