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The gift of a lockdown baby

Motherhood, Newborn

The gift of a lockdown baby. Introducing Fraser, what a lucky little chap he is. And an utter joy to photograph. He was so alert and didn’t stop smiling at my camera. He was looked after by his furry brothers Dougal and Innes who threatened to steal the show. They are the cutest Cairn Terriers with extra charm indeed. It was such a great shoot to experience, extra special because of the madness surrounding us all in the pandemic. This was a newborn bubble that certainly bought lots of joy. But rest assured it was very Covid safe and secure and no rules were broken. 

Lockdowns in 2020 bought us huge changes to the way we live. Throw into the heady mix a beautiful lockdown baby boy that you can enjoy every second of without the “normal” distractions of modern life. Plus, with your husband working from home, you can share and enjoy your gift of a lockdown baby in a way that you can only dream about it pre Pandemic times. However, surviving the heady newborn days without friends and family to look after you must have been very challenging. It really does take a village so I completely admire Roxy and Cameron. Fraser really lucked out with his new family, even the little furry ones too.


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