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Kitchen renovation inspiration

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Do you love scrolling through Pinterest for house inspo? Are you after to die for decor ideas? Would you love your home to be more Insta-worthy? 
If the answer is yes to all the above, prepare for some serious kitchen envy! Gemma and her family’s incredible house renovation will give you some serious house goals. 
When Gemma booked her family photo shoot over 6 months ago her house transformation had just begun and she was sure they would have been long finished by her shoot date in December. Naturally, things ran over deadline but despite the build taking longer than expected Gemma kept her shoot date. I’m so pleased she did as the results are stunning! 

We worked in the areas that we could and enjoyed the most amazing light. The colour palette of Gemma’s house is bold and vivid and provided me the most amazing backdrop, complimented by sun flares, laughter and love.

The kitchen is more neutral yet makes a huge statement. It’s welcoming, homely, practical yet grand. But what struck me most is that it is all very sympathetic to the age of the house and the materials and design are of the highest quality. 

As you will see from this amazing gallery, the light was sublime, the boys were joyous and we got to celebrate the excitement of Christmas and their new incredible kitchen. It was also the day the boys were going to choose their Christmas tree, so I hope this day will be locked in the little memory banks for many reasons. It’s all for them after all.

And if you look closely you’ll even be able to spot the boys Elf on the Shelf. I can’t wait to see the rest of the house once it’s finished. One of my favourite images from this gallery is the family relaxing in the playroom on the orange sofa, the sun flares dancing around them, echoing the coloured balls in the wonderful image of the elephants behind them.

Interestingly, when Gemma booked her shoot, she told me she had been meaning to book for so long that she instantly felt relieved once we had got her shoot date locked in the diary. I can really relate to this, in our busy family lives of to do lists and planning, it can sometimes feel like the last priority.

I promised Gemma she would never ever regret capturing her family memories and when I bumped into after the shoot she happily told me she loved the whole process and was thrilled she had had her family photographed. Of course I know she would be but actually hearing it from a client gives me such happy vibes. Creating lasting family memories for people is what brings me real joy.

Have you been meaning to book a family photo shoot for ages? Do you wish you had captured more memories of your children whilst they were small? We mean to don’t we? We promise we will? We even get around to contacting a photographer or studio. But then our busy lives get in the way and we forget to progress and book the shoot. 
I say we because I am also included in this list. I now religiously book an annual family photo shoot but I still falter and question it. It feels really indulgent and luxurious, which in a way it is, but I promise you from the bottom of my heart there is nothing more selfless or thoughtful than leaving your family with a collection of memories in the form of photographs. The sad fact is one day they will be all that are left. And if you have ever lost someone you will know this, so I don’t mean to be Debbie Downer but you cannot hand a hard drive onto your grandchildren. They will want prints and tangible physical memories to remember you by. 
Another reason why I passionately promote having my own family photographed is because as the memory maker I am rarely in pics, actually almost never apart from he occasional selfie. I want my children to know I was there, holding them, loving them and also valuing myself as a vital part of our family. I don’t want to be absent in any way, shape or form. And this is why I urge all mothers to book a photo shoot, your family deserve to have you in their photographic memories. 
So my friends if you have been meaning to book a family shoot, just do it. Don’t over think it, book it now and I promise you will not regret it. Celebrate your lives in all their natural beauty and chaos. 
Thank you for stopping by and reading, lots of love x


  1. Fiona

    These interiors pics are stunning!

    • Kika

      Thanks so much Fiona, so kind of you to take time to comment x


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