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What Your Personal Branding says about you

Business photography, Head shots

Your personal branding must be as individual as you are. Afterall, we are our brands, they are an extension of us. So your brand’s photography needs to reflect your values, your logo, your image and your unique approach to business. Ultimately, it must sell you immediately and why you are the person for the job!

I work really closely with my clients to make sure the look I create for their business photography is spot on. And what makes it work is that it is a real collaboration process. There is no point producing images that don’t reflect you as you won’t want to use them. Good business photography will follow you around for at least a couple of years or until you update your branding, so you must love it.

For over a 2 decades I worked for huge global television companies, such a ITV, Sky and QVC. Part of my job has always been to create branding for one stream of business to promote in another. In other words I worked in promotion and adverts. I would create promos for shows that would be shown in other shows, so I had to always be mindful of the brands that I was promoting and how they must compliment each other whilst remaining memorable and unique. Ok enough of the CV stuff now, you get the idea that I know my onions.

When clients call me to book and say they’ve been meaning to update their headshot for ages but they are dreading it, I know from experience exactly what they mean. Despite it being such a major part of your brand, it’s something we can easily overlook. We become too busy to fit it in or we aren’t happy with our hair or figure so we put it off until we are. But believe me, it’s like family photography, there is never a better time than now, now is all we have, so we must embrace it.

Good brand imagery is vital to your business and your business deserves it. You cannot and shouldn’t compete in today’s business market (whatever your business is) with an inadequate headshot. The very first impression it will give potential clients is that you don’t care enough about your business or how you portray yourself, and that can only reflect badly. It could potentially give the impression that you aren’t professional or credible.

On the other hand, a great headshot that reflects you authentically will create a great first impression, whether on social media or your website. It will connect you to your potential client who will then feel more familiar with you. Plus, a slick branding image that reflects consistent colours, motifs and themes will show attention to detail. Once all these brand elements are in alignment you can then confidently value your service at the right price. But, if just one of these elements don’t align, the brand image will conflict and you will send a confusing message to your potential client.

The last and most important reason why you must have a headshot that reflects you, is because people really want to see you! Your face, your style and your surroundings will all attract your ideal client. Your vibe attracts your tribe, trust me I know! I have the best tribe ever!

What To Expect From Your Personal Branding Shoot:

  1. Headshot
  2. Flatlay
  3. Blog Content & Marketing Content
  • Firstly, we will have a full phone or Skype consultation. This will help me understand your brand, your ideas and we will come up with a shoot plan that suits you. I advise clients to come up with a wish list so we get everything covered at the shoot. For Blog Content, it’s a good idea to plan a couple of outfit changes so we can maximise the amount we can shoot and to create seasonal and varied looks.
  • Next, you will probably worry about your clothes and book a hair do! I will help you get wardrobe inspo and have lots of blogs and Pinterest boards which will help you find the right look for the day. I always suggest getting a blow dry ahead of your shoot rather than a full re-style. We want you to look like you and be relaxed, not worrying about the new fringe you wished you’d never had done.
  • On the day I will shoot whatever your brand requires. See the list above. It’s often a weird process having your headshot taken, but I’ve been there myself and I promise I will make it fun and painless. We’ll put on some music, chat and if you are camera shy why not pour yourself a cheeky glass of something to help you relax. It’s your shoot after all, so whatever helps you relax works for me.
  • I will deliver your images via a password protected online gallery. You can then favourite your best images, share them with your web designer or collaborators and voila…you have yourself brand spanking new top notch business branding that is unique to you.


  1. Nina Mace Photography

    Great blog Kika and an amazing roster of clients you have worked with!! Can’t wait to see what you do next

    • Kika

      Thanks Nina for your lovely comment, I’m very spoilt with my lovely clients x

  2. Amy Pitfield

    Really interesting Kika, I’ve only been doing branding photography a year now so this is inspiring! Thanks


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